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About us

With several years of runners' experience behind us we can see that while the standards of the events have been constantly rising, there has not been such a progress in the field of quality photographing. We have decided not to wait any more, and if there are no professional pictures taken of us, then we will take them of everybody!

Based on our own experiences and the reports by our fellow runners we started to consider a business model and service package, with help of which – if needed – we can provide and guarantee taking quality photographs at all running events organized in Hungary. It is our aim to be present not only at the more important events, but only at smaller ones, having just a few (as little as 1 or 2) hundreds of entrants.

We believe that it is important that after taking the photographs they have to presented in the appropriate form, both to Organizers and Runners.

Following a planning period of nearly one year, on 1 February 2013 we opened our futofoto.hu shop to make available the photographs taken by us. The shop is operated by Futó-Fotó Ltd. a company fully owned by Hungarian business partners and founded in 2012.