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For the organizers

Our site and the services provided by it lately have become known and popular among the runners. Based on the feedback received they are happy to see us at the events, and are expecting us to ensure that the photos taken at the event can be found and ordered quickly and easily.

We prepare for each event in cooperation with the organisers, taking into consideration their requests. Apart from taking photographs of the participants we also undertake to capture related events or prepare pictorial documentation that are important for the organizers (sponsor appearances, characteristic sights, award ceremonies). If required we also ensure free download of the pictures in a given size, hand over portfolios that can be used freely, and/or promote future events.

As soon as it is finalised that we will be taking pictures at an event, we announce it on our website and on our Facebook page. Based on the number of visitors to our site we can state without any exaggeration that the event in question this way becomes known to almost the entire circle of possible participants.

Should you be interested, contact us to learn more about our flexible product offering – adapted to special needs as well – having a solution for each and every photographing need connected with organizing the event.